“Point S wants to be an entry point for fleet maintenance”

Automotive & Business: What is the position of Point S in the BtoB market at the end of 2022?

Christophe Rollet: Point S is now one of the main players in company fleets, whether for own accounts or for long-term rental companies. By 2022, we have experienced a value increase of 36% in light vehicle fleets and more than 40% in industrial vehicles. A change due in part to price inflation but also and above all to the acquisition of new national and regional accounts that allowed us to increase the weight of professional customers at Point S. Thus, BtoB is accounts for 35% of our turnover. global business today. Business clients need to have a network and a long-term relationship with their professionals. The fact of having 640 points of sale to date and true professionals anchored in their locality, sometimes even for several generations, makes it possible to establish a reliable relationship for a long time.

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A&E: What are your key areas of development for 2023?

CR: The first is to research and optimize our key accounts. We set up a dedicated team that responds to calls for tenders, goes to events to meet customers and approaches companies to explain who we are. This year, we will also be launching mechanical maintenance on vehicles currently served on wheels only. This is a genuine request from our customers and we also have the ability to perform maintenance on a vehicle that is leased or acquired by a car fleet. The offer will be strengthened by the Glass concept which has already been launched for light vehicles and which we are duplicating this year for industrial vehicles.

A&E: What will be the structure of this offering?

CR: It is too early for the announcement but the aim is to provide as many services as possible to cover almost all vehicle maintenance so that a fleet manager, who has many other priorities, can devote himself to other tasks with sure that he entrusts his fleet to a professional who will monitor him regularly. We do park management, we have digital tools that allow us to know where the park is, to advise, recommend and deliver slowly. All this while there is a guarantee that the work is done by trained professionals, at standardized and operational prices because these are usually framework contracts negotiated throughout the country.

A&E: You talk about quality of service and standardized prices. Have you set up a charter?

CR: This year, the implementation of our “service quality” charter obliges the points of sale to return a certain quality of equipment, to train teams, to have a minimum amount of stock to quickly replace a tire or part. of a vehicle that is an employee’s work tool.

A&E: Will there be additional on-site intervention services or even jockeys to manage the vehicles?

CR: It all depends on the size of the fleet, but we are used to going to the site for large fleets. It won’t be a problem to keep doing it. It is known that we also develop the concept of eco-mobility to offer modern and electric replacement solutions.

A&E: Companies are moving more towards hybrids and 100% electric. Are you ready for the maintenance of these vehicles?

CR: Our ability to maintain them is a plus in light vehicles where we have taken the lead by training all of our hybrid selling points. We are in an acceleration phase in the electric market where half of the network is built on repairing batteries, charging cars… We are not so advanced on the industrial side because the market itself is going down. We remain very attentive to be ahead of this and we will be among the first players to be able to repair electric vehicles in the French market but also in Europe because Point S is present, if only in Europe, in the 24 country.

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