Sale: Amazing promotion of more than 40% on these Smoby games

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Your child will have many characters in these Smoby games sold at Fnac

It’s been over a week since the sales started and the promotions are still attractive to our great delight. Some games even benefit from exceptionally reduced prices. When there are also products that stimulate your child’s creativity, we will. Allow him to include multiple characters in these 4 Smoby games. You’re in luck, they have an incredible discount of over 40% at Fnac, so go for it.

1. Save over €20 on this Smoby Fresh Market Vending Game with Accessories

It is a classic of games and toys. Children love to play merchant. They collect all the food from your kitchen and try to sell it to you. Your little one is also hard at business. When you go to the market, this is the Holy Grail for him. It is his dream to live behind the stalls in lieu of sellers to offer you their products. Stimulate his imagination as much as possible by offering him a stall, game version of course. Fortunately, this merchant with accessories from Smoby Fresh Market is also at a discounted price on Fnac for sales in 2023. It is indeed offered at €30.01 instead of €51.99. An XXL discount of 42% is in front of you. Don’t wait any longer to save over €20 on this great game.

Really delicious organic products

Your child becomes a seller in this Smoby Fresh Market shopping game with accessories

Buy this game Smoby Fresh market trade with accessories for €30.01 at Fnac

The merchant just opened, time to shop. Your son runs this little establishment. He hands you a basket for you to shop. And your little shopkeeper doesn’t do things by halves, all products are organic. So you have a choice of excellent fruits and vegetables. You set your sights on a carrot and a pear. But that’s not all. A bulk food dispenser is also installed. It is now filled with pasta. Tell your child how much you want and he just has to spin the wheel to fill the jar.

Yogurts, cans and boxes full of seeds and the like are also available for purchase. Time to negotiate. Your child weighs the fruit and vegetables to find out the price. He hands you the card reader to pay. You can also pay in cash of course. Once your ticket has been collected, say goodbye and head home to prepare a delicious meal!

2. Unmissable 43% discount for this Smoby doctor’s office game

Your child doesn’t want to go there but ironically loves to pretend to be this professional. It must be said that it is more fun to pass others’ tests than to be a target. Playing doctor is one of the other endless kids games. You will be his guinea pig and have to be examined from every angle, and sometimes painfully. Delicacy is not really the strong point of this little doctor. Make him happy while studying with this Smoby doctor’s office game. Thus he will discover the true instruments of doctors. It also benefits from a promotion that should not be missed in any situation at Fnac. Its price has dropped from €60.99 to €30. That’s an incredible reduction of 43%. Your wallet will thank you for these €25 savings.

A comprehensive review full of lessons learned

Your child will become a real doctor in this Smoby medical cabinet

Buy this doctor office game Smoby at Fnac for 35 €

Your name rings in the waiting room. It’s your turn to see a doctor, who is none other than your child. Syringe, stethoscope, thermometer, reflex hammer, he has all the instruments a doctor needs to diagnose a patient’s ailments. A clock also explains the procedure to be followed for a consultation and the use of tools. To train him, he must find the ailments of 7 characters with painful clocks. But in the interview. Your arm hurts, your little one starts by giving you an x-ray. It will then be displayed to see the extent of the damage.

He asks you during this time what you ate and hangs the answers on his board. He will see if you have a healthy lifestyle. Also checking your eyesight, it means you are starting to age! The consultation ends with measuring your height and passing the scale. So what will be the verdict?

3. This Smoby 3-in-1 baby comfort stroller set is less than €28

Babies gradually start piling up in your child’s room. This is because your child will love taking care of these little imaginary dolls. He feeds them, dresses them, puts them to sleep and even changes their diapers. Unfortunately, they were sentenced to stay at home. In fact, it has no accessory to carry them. Solve this difficult problem without further delay with this Smoby 3-in-1 baby comfort stroller game. Your child will be able to take their babies everywhere with them now. Its XXL promo on Fnac should convince you. So it is shown at €27.50 against €47.99 before. This is an unbeatable reduction of 43% offered here to you. You can have this multifunction stroller for less than 28 €.

A multifunctional stroller

Your child can take their baby anywhere with this Smoby 3-in-1 baby comfort stroller game

Buy it stroller game Smoby 3-in-1 baby comfort for €27.50 at Fnac

Your child needs to go shopping. And her baby will probably take over her. Luckily your grandparents agreed to keep it, what luck. Your little daddy or mommy will put the baby in the carrycot and entrust it to you. Miraculously, he slept soundly. After shopping, go to the park. Then your little one decides to turn the carrycot into a pram. All you have to do is put it in the stroller and you’re done. Baby is still enjoying his nap a few minutes before waking up. He is in a good mood, he wants to observe the outside world. New change therefore for this transport accessory that turns into a stroller. The baby can stimulate his senses while being protected from the sun. This walk was more than successful!

4. Fall for this incredible 43% promo for this Smoby veterinary center game

The spirit of Brigitte Bardot has captured your child. He has a passion for animals and wants to save them at all costs. He sees a lost cat or dog on the road and really wants to save it. No matter how you explain to him that your house cannot be a zoo, he still wants to take care of all the animals he comes across. Satisfy his need to take care of animals with this Smoby veterinary center game. He will also discover the veterinary profession and develop his knowledge. Its Fnac discount is also a godsend. You’ll actually only have to pay €27.50 versus €47.99 initially to get it. Save over €20.

A kitten that needs care

The animals are in a hurry for your child to take care of with this Smoby veterinary center game

Buy it this veterinary center game Smoby at Fnac for €27.50

There, the consultations will begin. First little patient, a kitten. Your child should auscultate it. He placed the animal on an examination table equipped with an IML and a rotating screen to properly observe the small animal. It’s time to get the medical equipment out of the storage bins and off the shelf. Syringe, thermometer stethoscope, everything is there. If the cat does not appear to be sick, it is closed. After auscultation, your little one is formal, it’s a sprain. The animal will need to keep a bandage on for several days while the injury heals.

But, before putting it in, the brave patient is entitled to his little fix. Your child washes it off in a temperature-adjustable bathtub equipped with a hand shower. Shampoo, cream, he can take good care of himself. He was clean and ready to go. Your child will meet his second patient, a hamster!

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