Audi Active Sphere Concept: designed for active life

Audi today unveiled the fourth concept car in its Sphere model series, the Active Sphere Concept designed for an active lifestyle and pushing the now electronic quattro cog into the future. The Active Sphere Concept therefore follows three other vehicles already presented by the German brand, namely the Sky Sphere, Grand Sphere, and Urban Sphere, this quartet now indicates new directions for the manufacturer in terms of design and technology.

All are electrically powered and equipped with level 4 autonomous driving, but the Active Sphere Concept is distinguished by its modular body that can transform the vehicle into a luxury coupe or van.

Two electric motors and fast charging

The Active Sphere Concept is derived from the new PPE platform (Premium Platform Electric), developed together with Porsche. It is a vehicle powered by two electric motors that generate a combined output of 436 horsepower and a maximum torque of 531 lb-ft, powered by a 100 kWh battery.

Photo: Audi AG

As is the case with the standard models of the brand, the Active Sphere Concept has an electrical system of 800 volts, but this concept allows recharging with a power of 270 kW, which makes it possible to add 300 km of coverage in just 10 minutes.

The dimensions of the Active Sphere Concept are 4.98 meters long, 2.70 meters wide, 1.60 meters high, and its wheelbase is 2.96 meters, which means that its footprint on the floor is similar to that of the Concept A6 e-tron that was unveiled in Shanghai in April 2021. According to Gael Buzyn, director of the Audi Design Loft in Malibu, “The design of the Active Sphere Concept represents a fusion between the elegance of a Sportback-style car with a sloping roofline on the upper part of the vehicle , and the rugged side of the off-road capability that is noticeable in its lower part”.

Photo: Audi AG

The Active Sphere Concept rides on 22-inch rims, its adaptive suspension helps raise ground clearance for riding on rough terrain, and its two-piece tailgate, a first for the brand, lets you load bikes or items. sport. The vehicle is modular, to the point of emulating a van. According to Marc Lichte, head of design, “The Active Sphere Concept allows you to move anywhere in style, adapting to the active life of customers”.

A lounge-style interior with augmented reality

Opposite doors open into a sleek, lounge-style interior. The steering wheel and pedals can be retracted into the dashboard when the vehicle uses its level 4 autonomous driving system. But the driver can also choose to drive himself.

The Active Sphere Concept also adds ideas of mixed reality and augmented reality. In fact, information related to driving, assisted navigation, communication or entertainment can be projected onto the interior surfaces of the passenger compartment, or even projected onto a pair of glasses worn by the driver.

Photo: Audi AG

Audi did not intend to design this bezel, but rather to integrate this type of device, which could be designed by Apple, Google or Microsoft, into the vehicle’s electronic ecosystem. In addition, it is possible for the driver to activate various functions using gestures, without having to press a physical control.

They are not in the cabin and have been replaced by virtual commands that appear in strategic places. For example, virtual controls for the heating/air conditioning system appear near the cabin ventilation nozzles when the driver’s hand approaches them.

With the Active Sphere Concept, Audi is launching a fourth concept vehicle that indicates the orientations of the brand, and in which some elements are called to move to possible production models. Of this quartet, note that the Grand Sphere Concept, announced at the Munich Motor Show in September 2021, is the closest to series production, to replace the current A8 with an internal combustion engine with a luxury sedan with electric motorization with advanced that technology.

Audi Active Sphere Concept: the first images (English subtitles)

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