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A new building to accommodate the growth of the Rocard business services group based in Dijon. Born in Besançon, the educational app Holy Owly is under the Swedish flag. The port of Strasbourg limits the effect of low water on the Rhine on its traffic. Declining numbers in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté auto industry, rising resignations. Nuclear revival: Grand Chalon wants to be a part of it. The Development Council moved to the Pays de Montbéliard.

A new building to accommodate the growth of the Rocard business services group based in Dijon

The Rocard chartered accountant group inaugurated, last week in Fontaine-lès-Dijon, the building that brings together its 80 employees from the regional metropolisfor a total workforce of 170 people, also located mainly in Châtillon-sur-Seine (Côte-d’Or) and in Haute-Marne where it began its activity in 1968. Since then, a lot of ground has been covered and the new layout of 2,500 m2in fact has been working for a few months following an investment of almost €5 million, it will be included. “We also have the necessary surface reserves to continue to support our growth”, underlined the president Christophe Rocard, son of the founder. This development takes a direction guided by this leader’s conviction: “A company like ours should increasingly position itself as a group of different business services.”

Since, Rocard set up several new branches in recent years: social-human resources (helping set up staff representative bodies, studying job descriptions, and even overseeing recruitment), wealth management for entrepreneurs and also for individuals, IT services (cybersecurity, GDPR) which is now included with “new challenge” professionals, according to Christophe Rocard: the deployment of electronic invoicing starting in 2024. The family group, joined at the end of 2021 by his Dijon colleague Equinoxe, also relies on the Crowe international network, of which it has been part for fifteen years. Mr. Walnut

Born in Besançon, the educational app Holy Owly is under the Swedish flag

oly woly
The Kids MBA start-up, which developed the application, was acquired for €3.6 million. © Holy-Owly

Kids MBA, the start-up that has marketed language learning application Holy Owly since 2017, has been acquired by Swedish group Albert for €3.6 million. Created in Besançon by Julie Boucon and Stéphanie Bourgeois, Holy Owly has developed a fun and innovative way to introduce children aged 3 to 12 to foreign languages ​​(first English, then Spanish and Chinese). Recording 20,000 paid subscriptions, promoted by Apple and translated into twelve languages, the application allowed the young company (13 employees, turnover of €1 million) to very quickly become the leader of the French market. .

After an unsuccessful fundraiser, the two founders responded to Albert’s offer (70 employees, turnover of €20 million before the takeover). ” We received three offers last summer without being soldsaid Julie Boucon. Two French groups were running but Albert and I were more attracted. This team has developed an app very similar to ours, for learning math, coding and science. He has the ability to continue what we started. Listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, the group specializing in e-education has simultaneously announced the acquisition of two other Swedish companies. It shows the ambition to be a European leader that is missing in the edtech sector, educational technologies. The two founders must accompany the Kids MBA to ensure the transfer in 2023. Before starting, from the beginning of 2024, on a new business project. E. Prompt

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The Port of Strasbourg limits the impact of low water on the Rhine on its traffic

4 air
See the port of Strasbourg. © 4 Air

The port of Strasbourg contains a decrease in its traffic to 6.9% in 2022. This fall was expected because navigation on the Rhine was disrupted during the long drought week due to the low level of the river which reached its lowest water level in 50 days. The relative limitation of the decrease is due to the ability to partially transfer traffic to the rail. “Coherence between rail and river modes plays a role”, welcomes Claire Merlin, Director General of the Ports of Strasbourg (PAS). With a total of 7.6 million tons transported, the establishment confirmed its rank as the second port within France after Paris. A total of 6.4 million tons traveled by waterway (-8.9%) compared to 1.2 million tons by rail (+5.3%). The most important types of traffic in Strasbourg, rubble and building materials, were the most affected by low water, with a decrease in one year of 17.5% (ie, a total of 2.5 million tons) . Container traffic remained on the rise, due to a compensation effect between the decrease in river transport and the increase in rail and road transport. Combined modes, this is close to 400,000 twenty-foot equivalents . The Ports of Strasbourg will invest €13 million this year in modernizing their infrastructure.

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international conventional unit of measurement


Bourgogne-Franche-Comté auto industry workers down, resignations on the rise Drawn by INSEE, the snapshot of employment in the automotive sector in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté from mid-2021 to mid-2022 shows a gradual decline in indicators . The number of employees decreased during this period by a total of 4.9% and they decreased for all categories: vehicle manufacturing which includes the Stellantis sites (- 3.7% or 11,460 employees), such as sub-contracting (- 4.6% ) or again , study-design and logistics in steeper decline, but with a lower workforce. In total, this industry employed, at the end of the first half of last year, 38,530 employees in the region and 5,540 temporary workers, a number that is also falling. The “uncertainty” multiple (crisis of semiconductors, energy, the automotive market itself) explain these trends, according to INSEE.

The study of the statistical institute also highlights the increase of resignations, which reached their highest level since 2019. The trio resignation-dismissal-retirement represents 80% of the reasons for the breach of the employment contract, ibig say, 10 points more than the industry.

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Nuclear revival: Grand Chalon wants to be a part of it

grand chalon Sébastien Martin, who is visiting Framatome, wants to put the agglomeration of Chalon-sur-Saône on the map of the construction of the next reactors in France. © Grand ChalonA few days before the expected vote on legislation accelerating the construction of six EPR and small reactors of the SMR (Small Modular Reactor) type, The Grand Chalon wishes to make a name for itself in Paris to play its full part in this movement which began almost a year ago.part of Emmanuel Macron’s speech at Belfort. “Once the objectives have been set, the government’s strategy has to rely on the industrial territories concerned to succeed”, reaction of Sébastien Martin, president of Grand Chalon… who of course, first of all, thinks of its integration as a field of application for this desire. Framatome, remembering the chosen one, “intends to recruit around 600 additional employees over the next three years at its Chalonnais sites and a new computing center will require 154 new recruits” . Faced with its needs, Grand Chalon

will provide all the means, notably involved in the opening of special higher education courses and work on the level of services we can offer to these future residents”, assured its president.

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The Development Council moved to the Pays de Montbéliard The new Development Council (Codev) of the Pays de Montbéliard (Doubs) was established for three years on 12 January.It is headed by David Markezic, the director of the IUT of Belfort-Montbéliard, who succeeded Pierre Lamard (UTBM). The body provided for the General Code of Local Authorities is responsible for providing, through reports and debates, insights to the elected representatives of the Pays de Montbéliard Agglomeration on all possible topics of public life, projected projects (PMA 2030) or themes such as soft mobility schemes. It takes subjects on its own or at the request of the PMA. Its 112 full members have special features. “Of the seven colleges, we have set up one specific to employee unions, due to the weight of industry in our territory. And another is made up of 39 voluntary citizens who have no other mandate. The other 48 candidates who not drawn are associate members”, said Jilali El Rhaz, director of Codev. The council of Montbéliard also welcomes in its debates the representatives of the other intermunicipalities of North Franche-Comté as well as Ceser. It is structured, at the end of January, in four commissions: living environment, transport-mobility, economy of knowledge and creativity, culture-sports-attractions


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