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Posted on Jan 27, 2023, 6:04 AM

Dystopia, autofiction and thrillers, French and British pop and funny series, on the menu for the last weekend of January.


“We have to go there”, Emmanuelle Heidsieck

Editions du faubourg, 107 p., 15 euros

With this chilling dystopian novel, Emmanuelle Heidsieck delivers a disturbing meditation on the difficulty of choosing between exile and resistance, faced with the catastrophe of a military coup. In the end, “We’ll have to go” feels like a philosophical fable about the courage to stay or run away. In both cases, we will not have peace of mind… P. of Mr.

“The magnet”, Fabienne Pascaud

Stock, 200 pages, 20.50 euros

Journalist and theater critic, former editor of Telerama, shows the great battle of his life to conquer one person: Louis Dandrel, composer and sound designer, who died two years ago of Alzheimer’s disease. The tragic and enlightening story of a powerful woman driven by passion, who becomes a wonderful “loving”.Ph.C.

“The bird that drinks milk”, Jaroslav Melnik

Translated from Russian (Lithuania) by Michèle Kahn, Actes Sud, 492 p., 24.50 euros

A chest to close: Actes Sud hits hard to describe the thriller of the writer-philosopher who was born in Ukraine and immigrated to Vilnius. More than a gory story of a psychopath who attacks pregnant women or women who have just given birth, this page turner is a harrowing portrait of post-communist Lithuania, torn between its relationship with Russia, in its Polish roots, in the temptation to emigrate and attachment to the country. HE

The return of La Grande Sophie, an Englishman who takes us on an important journey, a little Belgian man who… The music selection of the week.Dr


“Modern Life”, La Grande Sophie

1 album, Barclay/Universal

Now in her fifties, Sophie Huriaux has enough insight to assess what she has become since her debut in the mid-1990s in the Parisian alternative milieu and to reflect on what “modern life” brings us together – together. This 9e The opus, in which he reconnects with the guitar, electric and acoustic, is an opportunity to narrate its small pleasures and rudeness, often based on everyday situations. We recognize ourselves in it. HE

“Look at me”, said Pierre de Maere

1 album, Lima7

The young Belgian, new king of streaming platforms with One day I will marry an angel, released a first album with thirteen titles that allow to fully measure the singularity of his flamboyant pop. Besides rolling the “r” like Brel, “the son of the toreador and the Sainte-Marie” doesn’t do anything like the others. He has already established himself as a future star of the Francophonie, having been selected in two categories at the next Victoires de la Musique (Declaration and Original Song). HE

“Turn The Car”, Gaz Coombes

1 album, Gaz Coombes/Virgin

With this fourth solo album, the leader of the group Supergrass, rekindles the fire of a brilliant UK-made pop. Far from the angry Britpop of its beginnings, “Turn The Car Around” gracefully intertwines melancholic pieces with learned melodies. hymns Live Strangely where This love in delicate ballad dance toGaz Coombes takes us on an important journey away from mainstream pop. Ph.C.

Ginny (Antonia Gentry) and her mother Georgia (Brianne Howey) are gone for the second season.

Ginny (Antonia Gentry) and her mother Georgia (Brianne Howey) are gone for the second season.©MARNI GROSSMAN/NETFLIX


Ginny and Georgia


After two years of waiting, fans of this series created by Sarah Lampert will finally taste the continuation of the adventures of young Ginny and Georgia, her strange mother with a very heavy past… In this season 2 , the girl continues to struggle. with her mountain of problems between her overprotective but dangerous mother, her troubled relationship with her gang of boyfriends, her new stepfather, the return of Georgia’s ex-husband and the depression of her tormented boyfriend Markus. An addictive and intelligent coming-of-age series.

The Loss of John Darwin


Taken from a news story that shook the United Kingdom in 2007, this miniseries by Chris Lang (“Unforgotten”) tells the story of John Darwin, a father in debt who can’t find steady work. To get out of this, he has the vague idea of ​​faking his death in a canoeing accident in order to benefit from life insurance… A scam that will last a long time and in which he will involve his wife and two sons. . Monica Dolan and Eddie Marsan prove heavy on this classic but effective realization.



What would happen if a shrink started telling his patients their four truths? This is the subject of this “dramedy” created and starring Jason Segel (“How I Met Your Mother”). A bereaved and depressive therapist, Jeremy ends up disassociating and unpacking without filtering what he thinks of one of his patients. Noticing the positive impact of his misstep, he decided to completely change his professional practice… His openness to speak would surely influence the lives of his patients as well as his own, without -concerns his boss (Harrison Ford). Entertaining without being overwhelming.

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