Culturebox celebrates its second anniversary: ​​Win so good that the bar Culturebox celebrates its second anniversary

From February 1, 2021, Culturebox offers a range of programs for all culture lovers. Culturebox: the biggest stage in France.

For 2 years of Culturebox, the Culture Fans Club offers you an amazing sound bar to live a captivating sound experience!!

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Two years ago, in support of the closed performance halls, the artists were deprived of their public, the public deprived of culture, France Télévisions, supported by the Ministry of Culture and in agreement with the CSA, decided to create Culturebox. Short-lived at first, this channel, created in two weeks, distinguished itself in the French audiovisual and cultural landscape. Since May 1, 2021, he has occupied the channel 14 at night and offers you a range of programs. Culturebox, the showpresented by Daphné Bürki and Raphäl Yem, received in 2022 more than 1,600 artists : actors, singers, musicians, circus artists, choreographers… confirmed, or production talents, a real house of artists.

To celebrate this second anniversary, Culturebox offer you a week of new programs. Every night, Daphné Bürki and Raphäl Yem will receive a legitimate guest who will invite a young talent to the stage of Culturebox, the show. This time of celebration placed under the sign of theater, music and humor will be marked with the particular event concert of Tayc in Bercy.

Saturday January 28 at 9:10 pm:

  • ? Concert by Hélène Grimaud
    Hélène Grimaud invites you for a unique concert in Polling, in Bavaria, the cradle of German romanticism that the artist loves so much and a major source of inspiration. He offers you a concert in two parts. First, a program from him Memory album including, among others, pieces by Satie, Silvestrov, Debussy and Chopin. In the second part, he will perform Kreiseleriana op.16 by Schumann. It will evoke his relationship with composers as well as his relationship with nature or its source.

Concert by Hélène Grimaud

Sunday January 29:

  • ? At 9:10 pm: Incandescences play
    In the condition oflighting(s). in 2012 and F(l)ames in 2016, Incandescencesfinal chapter of the “Facing their destiny” trilogy, featuring young women and young non-professional men, born to parents who lived in exile and living in working-class neighborhoods. The purpose of this new venture is in line with the dynamics of the previous ones: conquer the stages of France to hear the voice of a young person who is rarely heard, bring another body, another face, another story, carried by the wind of freedom, joy and hope. In Incandescences, it is through the mouths of the children that they form that the bodies of these parents who come from another place, and are often confined to being labor forces, teach us that they too are incredible- the supposed force of ‘love. One hundred women and men, aged 20 to 30, agreed to meet Ahmed Madani and open their hearts to him.
Photo of Incandescences room

The Incandescence room

Monday 30/1 at 9:10 pm:

  • ?️ FKJ in concert at Rock en Seine 2022
    FKJ meaning French Kiwi Juice. A good nickname for it multi-instrumentalist French-New Zealander. Vincent Fenton, of his real name, has been immersed in funk, groove, electro or jazz since he was young and quickly learned to master several instruments, such as guitar or saxophone, without forgetting his main tool today: the software of musical creation. . Endowed with a boosted spirit, the true beast of the stage layers styles and sounds during an energetic and harmonious concert. Standard bearer of a new genre of French house, don’t miss the show of FKJ !

    Stone in the Seine
    From August 25 to 28, 2022, Stone in the Seine has made a grand comeback at Domaine national de Saint-Cloud. The festival brought together the best of French and international pop-rock-electro scene, from emblematic headliners to today’s greatest discoveries. This electro and French touch evening will continue Michael Canitrot at the Royal Palace (at 10:20 pm) and a number Sequences in collaboration with the Rex club where we will see Mad Rey (at 11:30 pm).

    The concert is also available on until March 26, 2023.

Photo of FKJ in concert at Rock en Seine 2022

FKJ in concert at Rock en Seine 2022

Wednesday, February 1 at 9:10 pm:

  • ? Metronomy at Old Plows 2022
    Step into the bright and pop universe of Metronomy from Les Vieilles Charrues 2022!
    The group Metronomy presenting his seventh album to the public! More introspective, while remaining bright and ambient, Small world confirming the group’s place as an important electro-pop reference right out of Great Britain. Thanks to the controlled melodies, the quintet takes us through the corridors of its universewhere electric guitar riffs mix with electronic arrangements, tinged with “British kitsch”.
    The short format of the album (9 titles for 35 minutes of listening) makes it possible to link catchy tracks and musical ballads that are more bare and less electro-pop than their beginnings.
    This new album never leaves its program: rediscover a musical flow lost sight of in successive imprisonments, a return to simple things and the purest emotions!

    Old ploughs: From July 14 to 17, 2022, the Vieilles Charrues festival is re-enacted to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Thirty years of celebration, music, memories, emotions, laughter, life. Prestigious artists and discoverers, the festival offers a line-up that is both sharp, eclectic and united.

    The concert is also available on until February 11, 2023.

Photo of Metronomy at Les Vieilles Charrues 2022

Metronomy at Old Plows 2022

Thursday, February 2 at 9:10 pm:

  • ? The Tayc concert in Bercy 2022
    Francophone revelation of the year at the last NRJ Music Awardsfamous creator of Afrolov’, a clever mix of R&B, Jazz, Soul, Pop, all related to a great Afro Music, tayc is urban pop phenomenon nowadays. The Crystal Destiny Tourwhich will bring together more than 100,000 spectators, including a rare concert at the Accor Arena on December 7, 2022 that was sold out more than 6 months in advance, is an event concert not to be missed at Culturebox!
Photo of the Tayc concert in Bercy 2022

Tayc’s concert in Bercy 2022

Friday, February 3 at 9:10 pm:

  • ?? The one-man-show “Y since 1981” by Karim Duval
    You must have seen his videos (Le covidisme, Le slip chinoise, Chief Happiness Dictator…) on YouTube or on LinkedIn (yes, yes). Come and discover it on stage! After quitting his life as an executive to live his passion: laughter, better than Karim Duval humorously decipher this generation in search of self, meaning and fun ? In a funny, cynical and full of self-mockery, Karim Duval speaks for all twenty-somethings, symbols of a changing society: success at work, rejection of authority, ecological awareness, personal development, hyperconnection… All punctuated by cult characters such as the “bee yoga” teacher or the struggling start-upper…
Image of one-man-show

The one-man-show “Y since 1981” by Karim Duval

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