In September, the old nightclub in Mesnil-en-Ouche will become a car paradise

Julien Morel decided to keep some elements of Samsara, especially this typical nightclub entrance. © Lina Tran

“We will open in September”, it was announced by Julien Morel, head of Morel Classique Carrosserie. The company won the call for projects of the town hall of Mesnil-en-Ouche (Eure) regarding the town’s former nightclub, Samsara, closed since 2019.

Remember, the municipality bought the building located at one of the entrances to Beaumesnil to “avoid keeping a wasteland at the entrance to the town” and “support the project leaders” whose “economic activity improves the town of Beaumesnil”. The verdict came down in the summer of 2021: Morel Classique Carrosserie won against La Quart’Ouche microbrewery. In operation for just two years (at the time of the call for projects), the company that specializes in restoring old cars is looking to expand your studio located in Beaumont-le-Roger. With this move, he will four times the area of his workshop, rising from 100 to almost 400 square meters.

With the municipality, Julien Morel signed a nine-year lease and revisable every three years, with a fixed rent at 600 euros. In the long term, the goal is to acquire this building, because he naturally sees the long term and sees big. Indeed, in Mesnil-en-Ouche, Morel Classique Carrosserie will not only offer a vintage car restoration workshophe also wants to improve secondary activity in events around the car.

Keep the soul of old disco

Julien Morel's father also put his hand on the leg.
Julien Morel’s father also helps. © Lina Tran

“I want to keep the soul of disco “, he said. So, he intended to keep some elements of Samsara such as the bar, the big bank and even some glasses already installed in the workshop. “We stayed in black and white, but we didn’t keep the fuchsia lights”, he specified. The typical small entrance nightclubs will even be kept, “they are in good condition, why remove them?”.

In the main part, Julien Morel wanted to organize several rooms, with modular parts to enlarge the space. A large bay window will be installed between the future reception room and the workshop to “have visibility, show what we do”.

In November 2022, the town hall finished the work on the garage door and the roof repair at a total cost of 20,000 euros. However, Julien Morel will invest almost 140,000 euroswith the addition of an additional surface of 80 meters, not counting the reception hall.

Behind the big blue tarpaulins hides another project of Julien Morel. Make room to adjust car events .

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I want to create a place that wants to be open and friendly. This is also a request of the municipality. He is looking for a project that can create events.

Julien Morel, owner of Morel Classique Carroserie

Create events around the vehicle

Behind the blue tarpaulins hides what will be the reception room where enthusiasts can watch the car races.
Behind the blue tarpaulins hides what will be the reception room where enthusiasts can watch the car races. © Lina Tran

In particular, he wants to welcome vintage car clubsof the region. “They have very few drop points. Generally, members meet in parking lots, below a barnum,” he described.

He also imagines “cinema bar” including the spread Motor racingon a retractable screen. “I want to create a great experience, with an advanced system”, he defined. So, spectators will be able to watch the Grand Prix of Monza or Singapore next September (depending on the opening date) in this room dedicated to enthusiasts, with the possibility of order at the bar . “We are thinking of buying a license[d’alcool]”, he learns. The semi-circular bench is kept, but a bleacher will be added to allow the public to watch the race.

“We can call on service providers or extras such as servers for certain events”, explains Julien Morel. For this second activity, he intends to create an event company,“a second business” by involving his family members.

Meanwhile, he juggles between his workshop in Beaumont-le-Roger during the week and weekend work for an opening scheduled for next September. “I hope this is over. We can’t wait to get to our new place. »

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