Meeting at the Monte-Carlo Rally with Carlos Tavares, the Stellantis rider

Red parka, ski pants, big socks, Carlos Tavares is ready to face the cold, snow and ice at the 2023 Historic Monte-Carlo Rally. race of old cars that were all before 1983. “There are only people here who share my passion . These are the cars of my youth, this is nostalgia”, underlined, lyrically, the general manager of Stellantis we met at the Palais des Expositions in Reims, one of the starting points of the famous rally, before he stepped on the accelerator. .

Here, the big boss of one of the most powerful car manufacturers in the world is gone. He is a runner among others. “I left for a week, for me it corresponds to the week of skiing that people do in the winter,” he said simply, smiling, relaxed. And Stelantis? “I check my messages while stopping, at night at the hotel. But there, I left for 22 hours of non-stop driving from Reims to Monaco, without thinking about the company, I focused on my driving!”

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