when “living room on wheels” took on full meaning

“But what comfort! is the first impression that comes to mind after a few kilometers. And this is a word that will probably come up several times in this test of the Mercedes EQS in its 450+ version.

Recently, Mercedes launched the electric fairy, and now offers a wide and very complete range of 100% electric models. From small SUVs to massive sedans, there are plenty to choose from. After Jean-Baptiste’s testing of EQE, here comes EQS, the flagship of this new venture.

And since the beginning, one thing has been talked about by many: the stylist’s new signature. We have a design cut for efficiency, that’s clear. On the other hand, to my humble taste, this is not a canon of beauty. To be honest, I’m having a hard time getting used to it, especially with pictures. But when we see ourselves in front, we change it is true, somewhat of an opinion. In fact, we recognize above all a certain charisma. The Mercedes EQS is awesome, there’s no denying that. Already by its extraordinary dimensions, 5.2 m long and 1.9 m wide. It’s bigger than an S-Class! But also through his pencil stroke. It sports a line full of dynamism, mainly in profile, but is concerned by its not-so-pleasant full grille. Fortunately, the beautiful color of my test model, the various LED strips or the retractable door hold the balance of all that.

Underneath all these body panels hides a 333 hp permanent magnet motor, mounted on the rear axle, and a useful 107.8 kWh battery. Here is a big ship, but very comfortable on all kinds of roads. It was the first time in town that I met him, and the gigantic sedan immediately offered a lot of serenity. Because despite the silence it reveals, it gives us confidence very quickly at the wheel. In fact, with one of the most important options to choose (which is surprisingly not too expensive), the rear wheels are steered up to 10°, we benefit from a maneuverability almost worthy of a car of city, let’s say a compact. At first, you will almost be fooled. Then, you won’t have any trouble maneuvering or sneaking around. In hindsight, we can easily do this too thanks to his fiery nature. The pick-ups are lively and we play through traffic with agility. To give you an idea, 0 to 100 km / h is shot in 6.2 seconds. Enough to inspire a little sportsmanship…

In this topic. If its enormous weight (more than 2.5 tons) gives it a little roll, it’s really not a problem because it’s full of grip. I was really surprised when I sped up. The engine has no difficulty staying on the rails in fast curves, on dry roads. Again, the rear steering wheels are very useful and turn the EQS around on its own. You almost forget what you’re riding. Before braking, more complicated, brings us back to reality. But what about good management? We feel everything that is happening below, and we manage to place the limo as we like. In addition, like a Porsche Taycan, Sport mode enables a rather special sound. Between the purr and the spaceship. If I always find it bof, even redneck, here it works. Usually, this type of system is now improved and it adds a certain unpleasant sound experience. Always makes you want to have fun behind the wheel. So be careful though, if the weather conditions worsen. At the moment, its extra weight and its instant torque (568 Nm) make it more playful. The power has a harder time going through the ground and the EQS will prefer to calm the speed.

However, it is in large spaces that the Mercedes EQS is most comfortable. He knows how to take care of the welfare of his passengers. Because it probably offers the best suspension on the market. By being considerate, gentle and without excessive pumping, which would clutter the cabin too much. But also because the soundproofing depends on what you would expect from a luxury car. We are cut off from the world, whether it’s aero or road noise. When we add to this, THE great advantage of electric, especially the absence of engine sound or vibrations, we find ourselves in a small cocoon that invites you to travel. Not much to add as there is comfort. You can cover the miles without a bit of fatigue, gently or quickly, and even with a little fun. Only, I would have liked to benefit from a one-pedal driving mode, that is, to a complete stop without touching the brake pedal. We appreciate the adjustment to the regenerative braking paddles, but it doesn’t go far. damage!

Style is important. Good driving pleasure is essential. But, it is by taking advantage of the cabin that this type of car takes its full meaning. And comfort is again at the heart of the layout and equipment of the Mercedes EQS. I don’t know how to show it to you other than making a list. You can choose to activate massage, heated and air-conditioned front and rear seats. But also the heated steering wheel, the perfume diffuser, or change the lighting environment and the electrical adjustment of all the seats. All this, you will notice in the pictures, is controlled by a large screen that covers the entire dashboard. In real life, it looks like 3 screens hiding behind a single panel. We are entitled to a 12.3″ instrument cluster, a 17.7″ OLED central screen and a 12.3″ OLED passenger screen. It doesn’t please everyone, but it smacks! Then, with 610 liters of load, there is enough to carry a lot of luggage.

In addition to all that, the electric flagship of the manufacturer is very technological. In addition to the classic driving aids (adaptive cruise control, autonomous driving, etc.) or other instruments such as the impressive head-up display, it offers its occupants a whole range of gadgets. The set works with more than 300 sensors hidden anywhere outside, as well as inside. I especially remember the safety symbols projected on the road or the GPS with augmented reality. But we can also mention the traffic light detector, the excellent voice control, the fingerprint reader and the Samsung tablet integrated in the rear central armrest. Otherwise, the Digital Light (which displays popular symbols) is also an important safety asset. Through multiple micro-mirrors, the LEDs light up or don’t light up an area depending on the road. For example, it avoids dazzling other motorists of course, but it also limits the light to traffic signs or pedestrians mainly.

Before concluding, let’s start the waltz of numbers with autonomy. The WLTP cycle promises to travel up to 750 km on the combined cycle. You’re used to it, in real life, it’s not that many. But, thanks to this big battery, the biggest on the market, it still gets interesting. On the highway, for example, consumption stabilizes at 22.5 kWh/100, or 475 km of autonomy. On the road, it’s more like 20 kWh/100 (535 km). In town, it drops to less than 15 kWh/100 (715 km) By combining all this, you can easily get a daily consumption of 20 kWh/100 and therefore travel more at 500 km. Then, the recharge is fast. In direct current, the EQS can receive up to 200 kW of power. Actually, we will be more like 150 to 170 kW at the beginning of charging. But it tends to maintain good power, at more than 100 kW, during full charging. Something to quickly recover the juice. It takes just over 30 minutes to reach 80% battery.

All this is of course a cost, and not least. The Mercedes EQS starts its prices at €135,850, in the version shown here 450+. It can even go up to €169,850 with the EQS 53 AMG, excluding options. For my test model, the bill keeps increasing in the configurator. For example, we chose the important 4-wheel steering of 10° at €1,600, a comfort pack (heated front/rear, air-conditioned, electrically adjustable seats, etc.) at €5,850 or the famous Hyperscreen at, beware, € 8,650. For a total of €158,200.

“Rolling living room”, the title of this test, is exactly the phrase that applies to this Mercedes EQS. I will repeat myself for the last time, but if your number 1 criteria after choosing energy is comfort for yourself or your passengers, the EQS is undoubtedly the best proposition. Especially since the big budget will make it a rare car, except maybe around the palaces.

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