Here are 5 sex books that are highly recommended by a sex therapist

There is no doubt that sex is as fascinating as its questions. Whether you’re looking to inform yourself or to discover yourself, here are 5 books that approach sexuality with gentleness and kindness, selected by sexologist and founder of the Kamami club, Diane Deswarte.

5 sex books that Diane Deswarte highly recommends

  • #adoesexo, Camille Aumont-CarnelAlbin Michel editions, 2022

Although this book is written for the younger generation, it is for everyone. “, noted Diane Deswarte,” JI use it and recommend it every week to the people I am with, regardless of their age and gender. I even recommended it to a woman who turned 62 last week. It covers many topics about sexuality. This book, written by Camille Aumont-Carnel, who has the @jemenbatsleclito account on Instagram, was published in June 2022 by Albin Michel editions. It presents itself as a modern and inclusive guide to sex education, based on the testimonies of more than 25,000 people around the world. ” It’s very playful, with illustrations and exercises presented as little spaces for expression. It addresses basic and anatomical topics such as body relations, rules, intimate hygiene, but also different forms of sexuality, sexual orientation, first time, pain, but also desire, fantasies”. The book answers our questions when we don’t know how to consult a health professional. Who will we see? A gynecologist, a midwife or a dermatologist? The book also raises the issue of consent. ” Every day I receive people of different ages, at who is unclear on the concept of consent. Some force themselves to please their partner, or feel obligated to have sex because they are a couple. »

  • Get out of the hole, raise your head, Maia MazauretteAnne Carriere Eds edition, 2020

This book, in its very form, is original and provocative. Its two reversed covers, “Sortir du trou” and “Lever la tête”, invite you to read the first part of the book, then turn the book over to read the second. This reversal invites the reader to change their view of sexuality. A relevant choice as the book addresses the theme of ” circumference“. Formed by the combination of the prefix cir- meaning “around” and the base -clusion, a derivative of “close”; the term represents, in the sexual domain, the action of the layer, of surrounding the penis. ” I often recommend it in consultation, because it allows us to change our vision and rethink our relationship with sexuality. explained the sexologist. ” This makes it possible to change the perception of women’s place in sexuality. The woman is no longer just desirable, but desired. It goes from a passive status to an active status. Penetration is no longer central. The book makes it possible to change this view of the genitals seen as a “hole”, because unfortunately we hear it sometimes, something empty, when we know that it has many nerve endings, muscles and has microbiota . Everything is put into perspective in a very fair way. »

  • intimate intelligence, Margot Fried-FilliozatRobert Laffont editions, 2022

This is a book with a very holistic approach, it considers the person as a whole. ” Finally, we are talking about emotions, love, play and not mechanical positions, revolutionary methods. The writing and the strategy MFried-Filliozat slang outstanding for their very subtle approach, they offer a view of sexuality that ignores “classic scenarios” and does not impose new commands. Sexuality is evoked as something very light, happy and all with kindness. », declared Diane Deswarte.

  • I cum as I am, Emily NagoskiLeduc editions, 2021

The original book, written in English Come as you are, is a true best-seller in the United States. This book revolves around the central themes of sexuality, it helps to ask the right questions and understand how the body works. author, Emily Nagoski, take a sociological, scientific and technical view of sexuality. ” He deconstructs and takes apart the mechanisms of sexuality. He explains how desire is expressed from multiple points of view: physiological, psychological, emotional, affective in a couple dynamic. It’s quite a technical book, but it’s a reference work that I use on a daily basis. », said the sexologist.

  • Reinvent your intimate life after baby, Camille BattalionKiwi edition, 2021

The sexologist Diane Deswarte indicates that postpartum is indeed a central theme in consultations. ” This is not necessarily a concern for women who have just given birth. Sometimes they are women who gave birth years ago and for whom sexuality is still a point of tension. If this moment is not prepared or considered, there are tensions that can crystallize and persist over time. The distance can widen, sometimes the pain can remain or appear. The relationship with the body changes, there is a change of the status that works when one becomes a mother or a father, the couple changes. It can also be a time when one is weaker and traumas may resurface.Reinvent your intimate life after baby » is a book that can be read at any time. Before, during and after pregnancy. He is very approachable, well argued and well done. I advise mothers-to-be, as well as fathers-to-be, to read it. »

We also remember that the author, Camille Battalion, is the creator of the podcast “Camille speaks sex” which we warmly invite you to listen to.

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