Nancy was shown “Sacred Monsters” by Emmanuelle de Rosa

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Visual artist with a strong style, Emmanuelle de Rosa presents through her creations a critical and humorous look at a modern ultra-materialist society. His specialty? The hijacking of the crucifix! He exhibits his “Sacred Monsters” at MJC Bazin until February 17.

A committed autodidact

Self-taught visual artist for ten years, Emmanuelle de Rosa first worked as a journalist in Lorraine. If he defines himself as “not really an artist at base”, however, he benefits from an entourage committed to creation (his father, his wife and his sister who studied at the Beaux-Arts ). He starts doing his first jobs in his free time. Then “art takes up more and more space” in his life and it becomes difficult to deal with both activities. For “a year or two”, he devoted himself entirely to this passion. Art is a way for him to express himself in an unstoppable way in a society that has gone “crazy”. According to his view, the artistic approach, if it does not face the public gaze, “is not really successful”. “I want people to step back by observing my works, to ask themselves questions. An artist is someone who has things to say, to show. It is anything but simple decoration. A concept that is lost nowadays. »

A review with humor

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It is impossible to remain insensitive to his works with a strong style: distorted crucifixes, dolls’ eyes, staged skeletons, stuffed animals… If some of them shocked the Puritans, especially Emmanuelle de Rosa the dysfunctions of our world. modern and its derivatives, and addresses various themes through his creations. Religion, hyperconsumption, environmental destruction, wars… “We inherited Gallo-Roman remains, Celtic treasures, cathedrals with stone lace. We will bequeath Claude François posters, plastic Grendizers and some concrete ruins. This work asks what remains of spirituality, in the literary sense of the term, in our contemporary Western society. What do we worship today, what new temples have we created and for what idols? “It’s very urgent to laugh about it. »

“Upcycled” works

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Emmanuelle de Rosa’s purpose can be seen in the way her works are conceived. He creates his creations from recycled objects that are constructed and diverted. For the crucifixes, which abound in his work, he unearths them in flea markets, sometimes in trash cans. “It also happens to be given to me. The same goes for the dolls’ eyes, which are also plentiful, which he has accumulated by purchasing an old unused stock. Old frames can also be found. “Recovery is the common thread of my creations, it is another response to this hyperconsumption that I denounce and that pushes us to throw away instead of fixing. By transferring these things, I give them second life while passing a message. »

You have beautiful eyes you know…

Picture DR

This is his signature painting, his trademark… This is also his very first creation. “I got a box of antique sleeper eyes from England on eBay. They were lined up, protected with perforated foam. I took the box, put it upright and it seemed obvious to me that it was becoming a painting. This the first, followed by many others. Since then, he has been collecting eyes (mirrors, old doll mechanisms, etc.) “for their strong symbolism and aesthetics”. “I have become an eBay auction ace! ” » Until the day the famous English salesman contacted her by explaining to her that he had the complete stock of an old doll clinic that had been closed for years, asking her if she knew anyone who might be interested. Of course, he will take it back. “When the stock is exhausted, there are no more paintings. In this work, Emmanuelle de Rosa reverses the artistic proposition: sometimes, the painting looks at you…

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