The Airelles Val d’Isère hotel, luxury at the foot of the slopes

In a beautiful mountain environment, the smiling staff of the Airelles hotel welcomes skiers for a day or always at the foot of the slopes in Val d’Isère. Between various tempting tables; the Guerlain Spa; and the many activities offered by the hotel, this is an attractive bracket offered by the team. Fireplace & co The first thing you notice when you arrive in the lobby of the place, which looks like an XXL chalet, is this monumental fireplace. Framed by cozy carmine armchairs but also by a library full of old books that give the space an old-fashioned atmosphere that feels good, the fireplace – iconic for some, important for others, fantasy for last – serves as a guiding thread here. “In every space, there is a fireplace”, explains the hotel’s General Manager Etienne Petitpez, drawing on his experience in renowned hotels such as Bristol or Meurice, understanding that hospitality is at the heart of everyone. Present in the smoking room, in the red bar, in various restaurants, but also and above all in all rooms, suites and apartments, the fireplace reassures and brings people together. This element of decoration, especially in the mountains, immediately gives a lot of soul and warmth to this hotel. A delicate exercise in large establishments. But here, the cold is not suitable, far from it. Here and there, attention to detail is evident. Trinkets here; galleries of paintings on all the walls – we are talking about 1200 in the whole establishment – ​​and even – a small thing but so much is said without a single word – pastries and pastries that welcome guests to entrance, all day. And after a good day of skiing, or many hours in the car, there is no doubt that this attention is well received! The rooms The 41 rooms and suites, as well as 5 private apartments, line the lobby and the adjacent Smoking Room. Between stunning bedding; hammam shower that gives pride of place in stone between travertine and marble; view of slopes; and gifts on the bed, guests are delighted. Everything is in mountain / family house style, between beams, old armchairs, wooden chest, mirror TV, soft plaid, and gallery of paintings. Upon arrival, each guest will receive a Fusalp mountain jacket as a gift, regardless of their room category. And before going to sleep, an extra small gift was laid on the pillow. Another great touch from the team at this five-star hotel. Leisure spaces One of the great strengths of the area is to offer spaces for all ages. Playground for small children; arcade for teenagers; and cinema room for families, tour the “Bernard Orcel ski room”, where customers can pick up their boots and skis before hitting the slopes, with direct access. For total peace of mind. During the day, guests can choose from a variety of snow activities. Skiing of course, but also snowshoeing; sled dog; paragliding; bike of the month; or dive into a frozen lake for the more adventurous. The Guerlain Spa In terms of relaxation, everything is designed to accommodate athletes with sore muscles. Next to the swimming pool which is presented like antique baths, there is a relaxation room to taste various delicacies. The little ones are not forgotten because they also have their own paddling pool area, which unmistakably resembles a cave, created thanks to the expertise of Atelier Kikapami, who worked on several sets for the Harry Potter films. And so much to say that the result is up to the fame of legend! As for the Guerlain spa, which extends over 1300m2, stone and wood are in the spotlight for tailor-made treatments, carried out by the hand of a master. An osteopath is even present to alleviate all injuries that may occur in the mountains or later. Having passed the European School of Osteopathy in London, Tom Pichaud is helpful and knows how to best advise clients. A Christophe-Nicolas Biot hairdressing house completes the hotel’s well-being offer. Between plant-based colors, natural products, and a quick bun bar, whatever the request, guests are in good hands. the catering offer. With three areas in the hotel, and an associated restaurant on top of the mountain, there is no doubt that gourmets will be satisfied. First stop at Loulou, which prides itself on Italian food, especially from the Piedmont valley and Lombardy, which is nearby. Truffle pizza; amberjack carpaccio with smoked sesame oil and citron; or simmered with a stunning oxtail, delight the taste buds, under a stunning floral decoration. Second stop at Bar Rouge where you can taste cocktails made in harmony with Guerlain’s legendary perfumes for a unique sensory experience. Another common thread between the bar and the spa. Third stop at the stunning Matsuhisa where Nikkei cuisine is honored, between Japan and Peru. If you only have to taste one dish, and that’s a shame, we recommend the fried rice cubes and spicy tuna tartare. So that’s what paradise tastes like… For the last stop, you have to climb a little to reach the hybrid place that changes its identity during the day. At lunchtime, the Relais welcomes you with a unique menu around the mythical “rib steak and fries”, before continuing with a string of bistro desserts. At night, the place turns into Le Piaf, the menu changes, the DJ sets up, the lights dim, and the party is in full swing. Whether you prefer a relaxing, sporting or gourmet stay, at the Airelles hotel, no doubt, we know how to accommodate! Airelles Val d’Isère 145 rue de la Poste 73150 Val d’Isère

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