“Western countries should stop ignoring the sacred books”

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“Western countries need to stop ignoring holy books,” Turkish Parliament Speaker Mustafa Sentop said on Sunday after Koran burnings in Sweden and Denmark.

Mustafa Sentop is speaking at the 17th session of the Parliamentary Union of Member States of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (PUIC) to be held in Algeria.

“Western countries must end this dangerous game immediately,” he insisted.

His remarks came after Swedish-Danish politician Rasmus Paludan, leader of the far-right Stram Kurs party, burned a copy of the Koran outside a mosque in Denmark on Friday.

The Islamophobic act came days after Paludan burned the Koran outside the Türkiye embassy in Sweden during a police-sanctioned protest.

Paludan also announced that he will burn the Koran every Friday until Sweden is included in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

The act was condemned worldwide. Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson called Paludan’s actions “deeply disrespectful”.

The desecration of the Koran has sparked strong protests in the Muslim world. Türkiye notably called Paludan a “hating charlatan of Islam” and strongly condemned the authorization given by the authorities for this provocative action, which, according to it, “clearly constitutes a hate crime. “

“The fact that provocative actions against Islam, which insult our sacred values, are allowed by the Swedish authorities in the name of freedom of expression, that the Netherlands ignores the attack made on their own country and Denmark following the same line is something that needs to be carefully considered,” added Mustafa Sentop.

Despite everything, we Muslims are obliged to be vigilant, moderate, reasonable and dignified. We must not abandon the principles of respect for differences taught to us by our religion and civilization, which demands good and avoids evil.”

The voices of Islamic countries and organizations are also very weak in the face of “harmful acts”, said the speaker of the Turkish Parliament.

“However, our collective and strong response will undoubtedly allow Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands or other countries where such disrespect is seen to clean up and force them to prevent similar disasters that may occur in the future. In addition to individual country responses, it is necessary to show reactions at the highest level in international bodies where Islamic countries are represented,” he said.

On the sidelines of the event, Mustafa Sentop met with the President of the People’s National Assembly of Algeria, Ibrahim Boughali, to discuss the importance of bilateral relations, developing within the framework of mutual trust and understanding for stability and development of the region. .

The spokesperson of the Turkish Parliament indicated that a full report will be published following the work of the Committee of Muslim Communities and Minorities under the aegis of the PUIC.

He further deplored the increase in xenophobia, discrimination and hate crimes against Muslims in non-PUIC countries.

“Western countries hypocritically ignore their own values ​​and norms when it comes to Muslims. The report will be very important in showing the facts,” he said.

In addition, Mustafa Sentop met Adama Bictogo, President of the National Assembly of Côte d’Ivoire, for an exchange of cooperation between the two countries.

The Speaker of the Turkish Parliament also held separate meetings with the Speaker of the Shura Council of Oman, Khalid bin Hilal bin Nasser al-Maawali, and Ousmane Bougouma, Speaker of the Transitional Legislative Assembly of Burkina Faso.

He also met Zahid Akram Durrani, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan. Both expressed a desire to promote their countries’ ties in all areas.

Zorlu Tore, Speaker of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Parliament and Sentop also held a meeting.

“It is a great pleasure for us to be together under the umbrella of PUIC. We will continue to work together for the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to become a member of the international community,” Mustafa Sentop said on Twitter.

* Translated from English by Alex Sinhan Bogmis

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