What are the pitfalls to avoid?

Be careful that your purchase does not become a nightmare. Photo Nicolas Laperruque

“First thing to know, at a trade show you are informed of your right of withdrawal. But fortunately there are still possibilities to return to the sale. If the credit allocated to this purchase is not granted, the sale cancel”, warned Maître Le Dall.

We are vigilant

“At a trade show, know that you will not really benefit from the best rates. The price of the stand is high, the cost for a week of exhibition is high for the seller. He has to make his presence here profitable. price is usually higher, but big advantage: the cars will come to you. It is clear that we remain very vigilant with the seller. Having a commitment does not mean being honest”, added Master Le Dall.

Be careful, if you buy this Volvo at auction, you won't be able to test drive it.  Photo Nicolas Laperruque

Be careful, if you buy this Volvo at auction, you won’t be able to test drive it. Photo Nicolas Laperruque

Auction: lack of trust

“Regarding the auctions organized on the site, we remain vigilant. You have to do a lot of research before the sale because you will not be able to test the vehicle before you buy it. We are also thinking of additional costs, between commissions and import costs”, defined Maître Jean-Baptiste Le Dall.

The general conditions of sale of an auction catalog warn that: “the successful bidder (buyer) must pay by lot and by installment deduction the following commissions and taxes:

1) Many from the EU

  • From €1 to €900,000: 16% +VAT at current rate
  • Over €900,001: 12% + VAT at the current rate.

2) Many from outside the EU

To the commissions and taxes stated above, import-related costs must be added (5.5% of the hammer price, for classic cars, 20% for second-hand cars”).

What are the remedies after an auction?

“You cannot use the warranty against hidden defects. The auction house is not the owner of the vehicle. If the latter lives in Guatemala, good luck!

On the other hand, if the auction house is found to be lying, its civil liability may be questioned. If, for example, someone sells me a “Ferrari in competition condition” and it crashes after 500 meters, there is clearly a mistake on the part of the auction house”, explained Maître Le Dall.

Are you looking for a car with wheels?  Specify this in a sales contract.  Photo Nicolas LA

Are you looking for a car with wheels? Specify this in a sales contract. Photo Nicolas LA

Clearly define what you are looking for

Old car, collection, youngtimer, this definition is vague and is often the first point that can cause misunderstanding. Master Le Dall warns: “When you buy a collector’s car, you know what you’re buying, and the seller knows what he’s selling. When it comes to a Youngtimer there can be confusion. We are somewhat “in-between”. »

Have we ever been on a so-called collector’s vehicle? Or are we finally on an old occasion?

Enough to create a dispute according to our lawyer: “You can have a seller who is happy to get rid of an old car that is 20 years old and has had a day. And conversely, a buyer, also in good faith, who -thinking that he has found the rare pearl, the model of his dreams. It is clear that the expectations do not match. »

The sales contract

“To protect everyone’s interests, we can make a contract. We will determine what the consumer is buying and the things that matter,” commented our specialist.

The original color, for example, the mileage, or the upholstery exactly corresponding to the advertised model are important elements for the buyer that may seem like details to the seller of a 30-year-old car.

“By drawing up a sales contract, the buyer can specify that he will buy the car with the original paint, the rims of this or that series, that he wants the engine to be the one that came out of the factory 30 years ago, etc.” In the event of a dispute, you are protected.

“The contract can be written on free paper, by hand, but also on a computer, to be more clear. The buyer and seller will sign it. We can also attach photos, maintenance or repair invoices and all documents that the seller has about his car,” concluded Maître Le Dall.

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