Change the spark plugs yourself

From the beginning of the history of the heat engine (internal combustion or so-called “explosion”), inventors have thought of an ignition to control and facilitate the explosion of the mixture. It is the Belgian Etienne Lenoir who first succeeded in implementing the Beau de Rochas thermodynamic cycle with controlled ignition.

But, it was necessary to wait until 1902 and the true beginning of the motor vehicle to see the candle, almost as we know it, created. This is German appliance manufacturer Robert Bosch which finally produced its spark plugs according to a patent filed in 1894. This ignition was made possible thanks to a high power magnet (a module that generates a high power current to produce a spark) created in 1900. Since then the magneto has been replaced by the ignition coilbut the principle of the candle remains the same, improved.

spark plugs Bosch Iridium is designed to deliver both performance and longevity. They represent the advanced technology of the original spark plugs. Ultra-fine wire iridium center electrode shank delivers performance.

Bosch spark plugs have a key size of 16 An ignition is a device for supplying electric current from an ignition system to the combustion chamber of a spark ignition engine to ignite the compressed air/fuel mixture by an electric spark, while containing combustion pressure in the engine.

How is a spark plug made?

The Bosch spark plug can almost break in two parts : upper part, of connectionand the lower part, the electrodes. The upper part is connected to the ignition system (magneto or ignition coil depending on the season) and thus receives high current power. This part is itself in two main parts. The first is electrical conductor and is usually made of copper or other highly conductive metal. The second is insulating and made of porcelain for example.

The conductive part passes through the spark plug to become an electrode. He faced one or more ground electrodes which are extensions of the outer thread that make up the candle. This thread is connected to vehicle electrical ground. This part is inside the engine, while the first part is outside the block.

So, the candle can be summed up schematically as two metal parts insulated from each other apart at their ends. And it is this specificity that makes the candle work. When a high voltage current reaches the tip of the spark plug, it seeks to escape. The only way is by “jumping” from one electrode to another creating an electric arc. This is the electric arc that will ignite the air-fuel mixture.

Spark plugs differ from one engine to another by the characteristics of heat resistance, electrical voltage, the form of the spark, the number of electrodes on the ground, etc.

How do you change a spark plug?

With use, spark plugs may show some damage or signs of wear. There may be depositsoverheating, problems with the electrodes, or even a split ceramic. The result is a faulty ignition. It may not work at all or work in degraded mode. When you suspect an ignition problem, you need to first check the spark plugs before cleaning or replacing them.

To remove the candles, you must first disconnect the battery of the car. This is done by removing the negative terminal. Then, with the engine cold, you can proceed with the actual disassembly. Well, you need it identify each thread and its location. In fact, lighting candles responds to a very special sequence. Modification of this firing order is prohibited. By taking each wire at the end (and not the wire), they are disconnected from the spark plugs.

Then you need to a spark plug wrench. Usually you need a hex key, but the diameter depends on the spark plug. You will often need it too a key extension, or even a bevel gear. You got it, you need a good toolbox to tackle removing spark plugs. Once loose, the spark plug should pop out on its own. You can do it look at his appearanceand check the gap between the electrodes.

Wet, fouled, bleached or cracked spark plugs should be replaced. in doubt, replace all spark plugs to have uniform ignition. Finally, if you are not comfortable changing spark plugs, there are related garages that can lend you equipment and give you advice. Do it with advice from professionals before going it alone and make comfortable savings.

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