Rima Abdul Malak launched RESEDA, the first national ranking in favor of sustainable development for students of national schools of architecture

On the occasion of an event organized at the National School of Architecture of Paris-Val de Seine with student communities, teachers and architecture professionals, Rima Abdul Malak, Minister of Culture, announced the outlines of a new national ranking, RESEDA, intended to promote the most eco-responsible end-of-study projects (PFE) carried out by students in their final year in national schools of architecture.

The 20 national schools of architecture are under the Ministry of Culture, bringing together nearly 20,000 students, a true breeding ground for future architects who will shape the world of tomorrow. For several years, the ecological transition has called for a renewal of architectural and urban planning practices. It is at the heart of the teaching and work carried out in the network of national schools of architecture. At the end of their course, 2,450 students across France present the PFE, a decisive step before entering professional life. This PFE allows the student to demonstrate the skills acquired during his training, by implementing his own architectural approach.

The RESEDA Awards aim to reward, each year, one project per school, i.e. the 20 most innovative PFEs in favor of sustainable development.

The first winners will be announced on the occasion of the National Day of Architecture in October 2023, then will benefit in April 2024, from a residency at the Villa Médicis as part of the Cabanes festival that invites every year architects, artists and researcher to invest in the historic gardens of the French Academy in Rome to work on constructions on the theme of sustainable and modular housing. This ideal framework for work, meetings and simulations will allow the winners to work together, to jointly develop beliefs and form the driving force behind their future professional practice.

The name Réséda refers to a long-flowering plant, a symbol of modesty, a refuge for bees and that the green color, often used in architecture (reseda green dome of the Grand Palais for example), is also ecological . RESEDA is also an acronym for DStudent Residence for Dmaintenance on MAYarchitecture.

Candidates who wish to participate must integrate their research into themes with a determination focused on the challenges of ecological transition: sustainable new construction, intervention in the existing, urban development and requalification, revitalization of rural territory, conceptual and innovative architecture, etc.

The RESEDA Awards jury will be composed of:

  • Christine Leconte, President of the National Council of the Order of Architects
  • Pablo Katz, architect and president of the Academy of Architecture
  • Philippe Madec, architect, member of the National Council of teachers-researchers of schools of architecture, and of the Academy of Architecture
  • Dominique Gauzin-Müller, architect, researcher and teacher
  • Emmanuel Launiau, President of the Quartus real estate group
  • Alicia Orsini, winner of the 2018 Young Architects and Landscapers Albums competition with Orma architettura agency
  • Nicola Delon, architect, Encore Joyeux Architectes agency
  • Sam Stourdze, director of the French Academy in Rome – Villa Medici
  • The director in charge of architecture at the Ministry of Culture

By recognizing the excellence of their work by a high-level jury, the RESEDA awards will support young graduates from national schools of architecture in their professional integration project and improve their commitment to a sustainable future. . It also aims to consolidate and disseminate good practices or lines of research in architecture, aimed at all student and professional communities.

These 20 winning projects will be the embodiment of the main lever for changing the world represented by architecture.

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