Valentine’s Day: great children’s books to fall in love with reading

As Valentine’s Day approaches, take the opportunity to pass on your love of words to children by introducing these wonderful children’s books that will charm you too.

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1. Valentine’s Day: Surprise flaps, Martina Hogan

A great book with flaps to discover Valentine’s Day, the celebration of love and friendship!

Great surprises await children on every page. Sweet words, chocolates or hearts, hidden behind the flaps… In other words, Valentine’s Day and its little pleasures.

This book is surprisingly fun, but also helps with language development and promotes hand-eye coordination.

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2. Love, Georgette

But what is love? As in Georgette does not give an answer to this, but speaks of love in all its forms, through the gaze of a little girl and the sweet or passionate words she collects around her: a pregnant woman, children in playground, two boys, a grandfather, grandmother…

“Love grows like a bone, with kisses, secrets. It’s like a nest, but with a roller coaster inside. It hurts the ears a little, but it gives great foot massages! »

Then describe the families in all their states with the album , Georgette reflects love with just and poignant words. An album that speaks of love, with tenderness and humor, without judgment or ideas. A little treasure to offer around you!

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3. Franny K. Stein #2: Attack of the Giant Cupid, Jim Benton

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Franny needs a helper. But when her mother gave her Igor, a funny dog ​​full of fleas, the girl was disappointed. Igor continues to mess around…and he even brings out a giant Cupid.

Soon the monster was sowing terror in the city. Fortunately, the little mad scientist has more than one trick up his sleeve! If Mary Shelley met Mortelle Adèle? Franny, the only girl who uses a snake as a jump rope.

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4. Love and Friendship, Brigitte Labbé and Michel Puech

Between people, emotions circulate. Love and friendship make our heart beat, make us happy. They are a very powerful machine. In love as in friendship, links are built in exchange with others, they are based on honesty and respect.

Jealousy comes from our need to be reassured, from our fear of not being “good enough” to be loved. Because everyone needs love to survive and thrive. So we want to control others as if they are exclusive to us. But you cannot appropriate someone’s love or friendship.

True friendship, true love does us good, not harm. We don’t get hurt, we don’t strike out of love or friendship. In love and in friendship, we can’t act like, pretend. To be friends or lovers, each discovers themselves with confidence and without fear of judgement.

This book allows you to approach these important topics with children, put words to their feelings and reflect on trust and respect from a philosophical perspective.

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5. My love: in pop-up, Astrid Desbordes and Pauline Martin

The precious inventory of life’s moments shared between a mother and her child, in which everyone falls in love with each other, is reinvented in pop-up!

In each double page, Astrid Desbordes confronts contradictory situations, playing with ease in the registers of everyday life and the imagination, poetry and humor. The message of this irresistible album is simple and clear: love is constant and unconditional. But in the very last sentence the real secret is hidden: “I love you because I am your child, but you will never be mine”.

Pauline Martin’s illustrations, subtle in both line and color, forcefully underline the delicacy of this weighty declaration of love.

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6. India, India Desjardins and Pascal Girard are in love

India is a great romantic. Who will he give his heart to? Books aimed at early readers who can easily decode words, and call upon their comprehension skills.

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7. Doudou loves kisses, Claudia Larochelle and Maira Chiodi

Cuddly toy likes soft kisses, crazy kisses, too sweet kisses. He also loves hugs which feel good!

With this, children can learn how horses give kisses, how spiders give hugs and how butterflies tickle. A new all-cardboard for toddlers’ favorite cuddly toy!

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8. What is love? : the little book to talk about love and lovers, Emmanuelle Teyras, Florence Lotthé and Serge Hefez

This book contains answers to questions about love, friendship, and sexuality to reassure and help children better understand the emotions that surround them.

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9. My best nursery rhymes to say I love you, Lucile Ahrweiller

A sound book offering five nursery rhymes on the theme of love: A sweet song, The Cossack lullaby, I love dad, I love mom, Little dad and At the clear fountain.

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10. Caillou: Valentine’s Day Mystery, Anne Paradis and Éric Sévigny

It’s Valentine’s Day and Caillou is invited to a party at the house of his best friend, Leo. She makes Valentine’s Day cards to give to her friends.

When he arrives at Leo, Caillou deals his cards and receives a mysterious card. But who is his secret admirer? Caillou leads the investigation.

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