Children’s book publications in February 2023: something to heat up

Winter is in full swing this icy month of February! Here are the reads that will warm you by the fireside, surrounded by your blanket, a hot chocolate in your hands. Discover Unidivers recommendations.

Early childhood – from 3 years old


MammothAlex Willmore, Little Urban Editions – February 3, 2023 – 32 pages – €13.90

Georges is part of an expedition observing penguins at the South Pole. But he was there to see a mammoth. The adults only half listened to him, which frustrated him a little. So when he actually sees a mammoth and goes off to warn all the floating icicles without taking it seriously, he’s VERY ANGRY! This winter, prepare for a big encounter!

This album with its unique humor, large colorful illustrations and full of character takes us on a journey to the South Pole, in the freezing cold of the ice floe, in search of these mysterious creatures that have long been lost. With this new story, Alex Willmore offers us many fun characters, between the frivolous penguins, the curious and adventurous little George or even a strange mammoth who is sometimes a ballet dancer, sometimes skateboarder in the snow and artistic diver in his spare time. It’s a little moment of magic that unfolds as we follow our hero’s journey, determined to find a mammoth! Our readers just have to be careful, it is an avalanche of perspective surprises that await us when they leave the pages of this album..

Your body belongs to you!

Your body belongs to you! Lucia Serrano, Crackboum Editions – February 16, 2023 – 40 pages – €11.95

Like everyone else, you have a body. And he is wonderful. This book will help you better understand and protect it. Because your body belongs to you!

An album that deals with the theme of consent, less talked about by young people and even less by children. This topic is explained through simple words and clear ideas to help the child understand his own limitations and boundaries in this particular topic of the private part. Playful and sensitive, Your body belongs to you raises awareness of the issue of intimacy and the relationship with the body. With precision and tenderness, Lucia Serano offers a book dedicated to children opening their eyes to their bodies. Because identifying your body is the first step to being aware of it, understanding it and listening to it. Whether in front of adults or even children, “your body is yours” and saying “no” is completely normal when you don’t want to be touched. An important album in a child’s education and development!

First reading – from 5 years old

life in the mountains

life in the mountainsCésar Canet, Sarbacane Editions – 1eh February 2023 – 40 pages – €15.50

It is a house perched, or rather planted, on the top of a peak. Olaf, Olga and their children, Tino and Gina, live here in search of the perfect balance. That nothing can change…

Oh yes, one little thing can swing this house from one side to the other! Standing on top of a mountain, this atypical family lives in perfect symmetry, whether in arranging the furniture, in the cooked dishes or in the daily routine… If one cuts a his hair, the other shaves his beard. If one is cooking, the other is making music. If it snows on one side, the whole family takes shelter on the other side. Everything was thought out so that this house would hold… But for how long? With two curious and disturbing children, this perfect peace that holds the top of the mountain is always in danger, it is the cliff revealed in the slightest doubt!

child and the banks

child and the banksLucas Méthé, Éditions Dupuis, 03 February 2023 – 128 pages – 19€

Gosse likes to play along the Rhône with his dog Floude. But, one day of flooding, the boy was carried away by the river and landed in the Ardèche. A nearby but unknown region, the stuff of all fantasies, whose inhabitants he fears, because of the many rumors of the elders! Gosse will meet Châtaigne there, known as “Taigne”, an angry child, who is very wary of the Drômois… However, the two children have to help each other. Because Taigne, who lives alone with his father in a hut on a peninsula, has lost his home due to a flood. Boy, he, if he doesn’t want to be scolded, should really go home before nightfall.

Led by Lucas Méthé, whose fame is already firmly established in the world of independent comics, offers a youthful adventure that is both exciting, earthy and poetic, delivered by a wonderful and warm drawing.

Junior literature – from 8 years old

Atomic family

The Atomic FamilyLe Cil Vert, Editions Auzou – February 03, 2023 – €10.95

The Atomik family is a mixed family… consisting of a father, a stepmother, Camille and Tim, not forgetting Hamsterix, the beloved hamster. But it’s better if there’s a dog…well, according to Camille and Tim. The seduction operation was launched to convince the refractory. Be careful, it will move!

Everything is better with a ball of fur running around the house, peeing on the sofa, pooping on the carpet and barking all day… Anyway, for Camille and Tim, that doesn’t seem to put them off, well at contrary! Willing to do everything to convince their parents to adopt a dog, here they will double their efforts to soften them, and all shots are allowed to achieve their goal… Because after all, the end always justifies the means, for both petty thieves ! A fun comic strip drawn with the expert touch of Cil Vert that takes us to this strange house, with a mixed family, all more eccentric than the others. From the father who has no real authority, to the mother-in-law who goes with the flow, to the children with strong character to the grumbling old hamster.

Mustache and Leek – Volume 1. Lost in Croqu’City

Mustache and Leek – Volume 1 – Lost in Croqu’CityEmmanuelle Lepetit, Martina Naldi, Editions Fleurus –
February 24, 2023 – 80 pages – €8.95

Woe to Croqu’City! The Bichon dog has disappeared. He’s not in the habit of running away, said Leek, a well-known, albeit somewhat clumsy, cat who lives next door. Did something happen to him? Fortunately, Leek is a detective in his spare time. He wasn’t the only one… The mustache was as careful as his mustache, and he intended to put his foot in the investigation. Can they track down Bichon together?

A collection of game novels from 7-8 years old, perfect for enjoying reading while having fun.
A story-fiction to carry out the investigation with riddles and coded messages to decipher, especially thanks to the decoding wheel provided in the flaps (to be cut and assembled yourself).

Young Adult – from 12 years old

Something About Us Q.1

Something about Us T1Lee Yunji, Kbooks Publishing – 1eh February 2023 – 256 pages – €14.95

Woo-jin and Ga-yeong’s relationship is so strong that there is nothing else when they are together. Their bond is the most loyal, and they are convinced that they are the best friends in the world. But they seem to be the only ones thinking! Their complicity is so good that looking at them, no one wants to believe in a simple friendship. And from friendship to love, there is only one step…

The first volume of a successful Delitoon series is coming out in paperback! The “friend to lover” theme is well presented in the various issues that arise when love blossoms into a friendship… Other more mature themes infuse this manhwa. They revolve around human relationships (marriage, friendship, consent, school, harassment), the topics are diverse but united in a central point which is the friendship between two main characters and their past. The beginnings are gradually revealed in Ga-yeong’s flashbacks, of her impressions, difficulties and preconceptions. The manhwa was introduced in volume 1 in-medias res and already contains the perfect recipe to become a major Kbooks-Delcourt series.

My gay goals

My gay goals, Jason June, Éditions Desaxus – 352 pages – February 09, 2023 – €21.90

The only gay kid in his small rural Washington town, Jay Collier doesn’t dare discuss his feelings in front of his friends. So he made a list of everything he hoped to experience one day in a diary. When his family moved to Seattle, he ended up at a high school where the homosexual community was very much alive. But not everything goes as well as expected.

A new Young Adult novel about coming of age along with homosexuality, because being an adult is already complicated, but if you add the LGBT touch, it becomes a whole other hurdle to overcome. Jason June exploits this theme with great precision in his first novel, through a sort of to do list which the hero wants to fulfill and seems simpler in Seattle. But as usual, nothing goes according to plan and this is where he questions his new life, when nostalgia takes over his small village.

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