Neufchâtel-Hardelot: four Boulonnais took part in the humanitarian and sporting challenge of the 4L Trophy

The two young couples from Neufchâtel-Hardelot and Questrecques are ready for the adventure of the 4L Trophy. They will travel more than 8,000 km between Hauts-de-France, Spain and Morocco, to help the “Enfants du Désert” association and return with great memories.

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For two years, two young couples have been preparing their participation in the 4L Trophy. Amiens students Élisa Jambart, 21, with a chemistry degree, and Théo Hagneré, 21, with a master’s in ecology, will lead a 4L Sedan GTL from 1984, which already has 99,000 km on the clock. Énora Dollet, 21, alternating hairdressing in Wimereux, and Mathis Hagneré, 23, landscaper in Neufchâtel-Hardelot, are at the wheel of a 4L Estate from 1985a rare model that already declares 169,000 km.

A family thing

More than a year ago they found their cars in Normandy on an online classifieds site. A major renovation of the break will begin, as well as a reinforced revision of the sedan. The mechanical talents of Didier, Énora’s father, and Jean-Paul, her best friend, were key to the restoration of the two vehicles. Finding spare parts, assemblies and adjustments allowed the two brothers to develop mechanics. The Sedan, called the Choupinette, suffered a good overhaul and change of critical parts. Eglantine, the 4L Break, has been modified from underbody to roof and repainted to look good. Mathis will be the team’s mechanic and has prepared a stock of spare parts for hard knocks.

Find sponsors

It’s not enough to be good at mechanics to succeed, you also need a budget. Vehicles, spare parts, paint, and registration fees represent big budget for these four young people. The team took action to find sponsors and school and sports equipment, donations for “Children of the Desert”. They made and sold items at Christmas markets, spent time talking, and sought more funding. The town halls of Neufchâtel-Hardelot and Questrecques gave their support, as well as merchants and entrepreneurs. Their financial situation remains difficult. It is possible to help them through Leetchi kitty where, for a donation of €10 or more, donors’ names will be written on 4Ls. A way to accompany them on their journey.

Only 8,000 km

At 10 am on February 12 the two 4Ls will leave Neufchâtel-Hardelot to join the start in Biarritz. The race is scheduled for February 16-26. After crossing Spain and passing the Strait of Gibraltar, the adventure will continue in Morocco in six stages, until arriving in Marrakech. The delivery of food donations will take place in Biarritz, and the delivery of school and sports equipment in Merzouga, on February 20. When they return, the two couples will have traveled more than 8,000 km.

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