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The text on immigration, a new headache for the executive, approved by the Council of Ministers

The executive opened a new explosive project on Wednesday, in the middle of a pension fight, by endorsing in the Council of Ministers a very controversial immigration bill, its adoption in Parliament promises that would be very complicated. “We are certain (. .) that we will reach a compromise without distorting the text, clearly listening to the opposition, and particularly the right-wing opposition”, assured the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin at the end of the Council of Ministers. The text must be reviewed in March in the Senate, which is dominated by the right-wing opposition, then at the end of May / beginning of June in the National Assembly where the executive has only a relative majority. The Republicans (LR), whose vote is important for its adoption, are directed against the regularization of undocumented migrants in “short jobs”, where employers find it difficult to recruit, in this belief will create a “draft” and “open the floodgates”. ma mastery of immigration”, so estimated the boss of the senators Les Républicains Bruno Retailleau, who warned against “insurrections at the polls soon” if the trend is not reversed. The text gives the measures to facilitate the expulsion , especially of “delinquent” aliens, a reform of the right to asylum and a part of integration, especially the granting of residence permits for undocumented migrants working in “temporary jobs.” – “Open” to “proposals “-Gérald Darmanin and the Minister of Labor Olivier Dussopt, who carries the economic part of the bill, both indicated that adjustments to the text are possible and said to wait for “the proposal” of the LRs, specifically on the “quota” regularization. The Interior Minister also said that he is “open” to possible “restrictions” on family reunification , adding that he wants to “twist the punch on fake news” according to which the regularization of undocumented migrants will ease the rait. Aiming to appeal to both the Republican right, which is increasingly radicalized on the subject, and the left, denouncing the conditions of reception for foreigners, the text ends up infuriating everyone… and it may be necessary to trigger the constitutional weapon of 49.3, which allows its adoption without a vote.” We will not lend themselves to a communication exercise that consists in pretending to fix the question. The subject is too serious”, said the boss of the LR deputies, Olivier Marleix, in front of the journalists of the parliamentary press. On the far right, the president of the National Rally group, Marine Le Pen, judged that the text was not ” at the level of the problem”. of the left, which sees red lines in it. Some are already afraid that part of the regularization will go by the wayside. “The LRs demand that it is not in this text”, says a representative of the Renaissance. A danger that Mr. Dussopt tried to minimize. “If we present the text this (Wednesday) morning with two columns, it is because there are two columns and it is quite balanced”.- “The haggling is unbearable ” -He also recalled that the labor market reform as well as the Orientation and Programming Law of the Ministry of the Interior (Lopmi) were adopted without 49.3. “Even when we were promised that 49.3 was necessary”. – however, they were remains a third less than in 2019, before Covid. in jobs with tension “is the object of quite unbearable haggling and scheduled rejection”, complained the director general of France Terre d’asile, Delphine Rouilleault, to franceinfo. “We reduce to nothing the extraordinary effects that can lead to privacy and family, or seniority in the territory,” warns Claire Rodier, head of Gisti, one of the main associations for the defense of exiles.bur-vl/sde/ tea

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