AUTOMOTIVE: Circuit Paul Ricard continues its partnership with Audi France

The French subsidiary of the brand with rings and the mythical Paul Ricard circuit, located in Le Castellet, have renewed their Partnership for the 15th consecutive year, based on both the rich history between the two players and shared ambitions, both in terms of both motorsport and sustainable development.

Audi and Motorsport

The Ingolstadt firm is recognized for its track record in motorsport, especially over the last few decades in its exploits in Rally with its Audi Quattro S1, then in endurance with its Audi R8 up to R18 LPM1 before contributing to developing Formula e. , then recently by undertaking the challenge to complete the Dakar with an electric car, before starting the noblest discipline: Formula 1 by 2026.

Circuit Paul Ricard, an eco-responsible ambassador

For years, Circuit Paul Ricard and Audi France have shared the same sense of sportiness and a clear taste for innovation. And it is because Audi France has found an ally of choice at the Circuit Paul Ricard that the brand has been organizing many events there for a long time. As a result of this relationship of trust, the Circuit Paul Ricard relies on its partner through the daily operation of a fleet of vehicles stamped with the four rings for assistance during competitions and road runs . Committed to sustainable mobility as part of its eco-responsibility strategy, the Circuit naturally chose to switch part of its vehicle fleet to electric vehicles. So there are two Audi Q4 e-trons in the Medical Cars, Audi e-tron Sportbacks in the executive cars and an RS e-tron GT in the Leading Cars.

A Partnership whose opportunities benefit customers of both entities

The Partnership offers Audi France the possibility of ensuring increased visibility during events organized at the circuit, but above all, of offering “Audi driving experience” events to customers and its prospects as part of its “myAudi” loyalty program. , in a modern, safe and diverse universe. Guests of the manufacturer can take advantage of the “F1 track” and the famous Mistral straight line at more than 300 km/h in an Audi R8, take advantage of the more than 600 horsepower of the Audi RS e-tron GT on the track and conduct technological demonstrations at its off-road development sites.

For its part, the Circuit Paul Ricard benefits from a state-of-the-art vehicle fleet, with the manufacturer’s supercar, Audi RS e-tron GT, as the Leading Car, supplemented by two Audi Q4 e-tron Medical Cars , executive vehicles . and other vehicles necessary for the smooth running of the administrative activities of the circuit, its international airport and its hotel complex.

A history and common projects between the two actors

Historic partnership for the manufacturer, based on the desire to offer the “Audi driving experience” program to its customers, in a world of performance, quality reception and safety, the relationship between Audi France and the Circuit Paul Ricard is pushed to perform powerful experiences throughout the year. In particular, the brand will organize 24-hour endurance races in production cars from its range, prepared for the occasion, in a championship registered with the FFSA, for its customers. After 6 years of Audi endurance experience, #A2E, the marketing department took over the circuit to successively organize the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the “Audi TT” models, organizing a parade with those who -owner of said model on the circuit, an Audi Sport festival at night, driving days with his fleet of Audi RS3 LMS, a real racing car entered in the WTCR, placed in the hands of the most enthusiastic its customers.

Recently, the manufacturer brought together the Automotive Press to look back at the century of history and technology that produced the four rings, to showcase parts from its “Audi tradition” museum in Ingolstadt, to the future of mobility with a concept car that The presentation has never been made in Europe. This time, the two leaders tried their hand at autonomous driving. While controlled on the open road, it is technically perfect and related to the vectorization of the circuit layout in the manufacturer’s navigation system. Marc OUAYOUN, General Manager Audi France and St├ęphane CLAIR, General Manager of the Circuit Paul Ricard, were able to discuss their strategic projects for the coming years, behind an Audi S8, without a driver, which acts autonomously in acceleration and braking, according to the required trajectory and performance of the vehicle.

In this interview, the two men were satisfied to rely on the infrastructure of the circuit and the performance of the cars in their use of sports administration, while emphasizing their common desire to reduce noise and CO2 emissions and to work on safety, projects that they can implement every day by counting the steps taken by the Circuit Paul Ricard and the products produced by Audi France.

Complete the interview in the video capsule below, held on the “5.8 km” route of the Circuit Paul Ricard, aboard a production Audi S8, launched in predictive navigation, where the finish line is the destination and the only guide, a passenger in front looking and ensuring the lateral position of the vehicle, due to the width of the track (12 to 14 meters), which is too wider than a regulated lane to allow the vehicle to position itself correctly.

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