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BMW doubles its offering in the limousine segment by offering an electric version of its new 7 Series. A standard bearer selected and refined down to the smallest detail. A proposal – almost – unique in the market.

the class is separate

Through its singular line and through its interior for less successful, the new BMW Series 7 wants to shake the established order. This is mostly the case with this new 100% electric i7 version, which is said to be unique in its kind. In fact, for BMW, its new flagship is the only motorized limousine on the market. A statement that suggests the Mercedes EQS is not considered as such, but we’ll get back to it.

For the moment, let’s take a moment to admire the work done on this i7 (we’ll leave it to everyone to judge the singular line for the exterior). And the mastery of the Bavarian brand in this area is clear, thus surpassing German competitors. Between the precision of the details, the beauty of the covers (whether real leather, vegan leather or wool) the quality of the materials even those that are very low in the cabin, this i7 becomes a new reference. A great quality combined with a completely modern environment, between the huge curved digital panel that acts as a dashboard and central control unit, this faceted light strip that runs through the passenger compartment and the many tactile buttons that we can see everywhere. In the second row (the best for a limousine), the atmosphere, comfort and entertainment are in tune. Automated opening doors, Lounge position that allows you to – literally – lie flat, smartphone-style control units on the storm doors, and best of all a gorgeous 31-inch screen that runs across the width of the passenger compartment and allows through an internet connection to access a very wide range of online content (platform, VOD, internet, etc.). In other words, enough to impress visitors.

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The only electric limousine on the market?

Once on the road, the BMW i7 also does not impress with its level of comfort, which is truly exceptional, even for the category. An air suspension that offers a level of filtration worthy of its cousins ​​from Rolls-Royce. The highly advanced soundproofing also isolates everything that happens outside. In summary, a limousine, a real one. Can the EQS boast the same caliber? Almost not. The star rival does not have such a spacious and comfortable second row, does not carry its passengers in great comfort and does not offer such a level of infotainment. For that, it will be necessary to turn to a “real” S-Class, which is not in electric…

The i7 is all of these things at the same time. And to move this impressive liner of almost 5.40 m (the short version is no longer in the 7 Series), a battery is needed up to the task. A large 101.7 kWh rechargeable battery. The combined power of 544 hp is not too big to move the 2.6 tons of the engine. Not enough to offer the supersonic accelerations of some electric cars, but enough to send almost anything rolling. The nice surprise is that the i7 also doesn’t forget to put a smile on the driver’s face with its surprisingly nimble chassis. Thanks to the steering rear wheels and the optional active anti-roll bar. Despite the limitations, the reactions show the calm that reigns on board, thoughtful and gentle.

But it doesn’t matter, this wonderful i7 mainly needs to transport beautiful people in a quiet environment, and preferably over short distances. It should not worry too much about the autonomy that, even in an exclusive journey on the motorway, can approach 400 km. Recharging receiving power of 195 kW makes it possible not to spend too much time at the terminal. This i7 will please luxury establishments, ultra-select events, and big discount drivers in general. All at a price that lives up to the promises, our test model is shown at around 180,000 euros.

To remember

quoteWonderful synthesis, this BMW i7 deploys a level of comfort and refinement never before seen for a 100% electric vehicle. Ideally designed for local use, it remains stable, and is rather dynamic to drive. A truly exceptional product for such a price.
strong pointsLevel of comfort and refinement, truly luxurious rear space, on-board technology, performance and dynamism

weak pointCrazy weight, astronomical prices, sometimes complicated ergonomics


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544 hp

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