the end of season 1 is explained according to the books

Released January 27, 2023 on Netflix, Lockwood & Co. excited subscribers! Between thriller and fantasy, season 1 of this series is based on the novels of Jonathan Stroud. In the eight episodes available, we specifically follow Lucy Carlyle’s integration with the company Lockwood & Co, after the latter escapes from its training center in the north of England. With the help of George and Anthony, he will have to solve more than an intriguing investigation, but also a very dangerous one. Specifically related to the spirit Annabel Ward (whose phantom body is played by Ishtar Apsara Currie-Wilson), a rising star who was murdered decades ago, Lucy is convinced that she can give him the help he seeks. . By solving this case, Lockwood sees on his side the perfect story to increase his company’s rating. As they investigate, the teenagers discover that it wasn’t her boyfriend/co-star Hugo Blake who killed her, but the powerful Sir John Fairfax. Thanks to the intervention of Lockwood & Co, Annabel’s ghost takes revenge and kills Fairfax. If this issue is resolved, Season 1 will end on a massive cliffhanger, leaving us with a lot of unanswered questions.

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Who created the Glass of Bones and who wants it back?

The trio discovers that the Glass of Bones, also called the Mirror of Bones, has been created by Victorian occultist Edmund Bickerstaff through a series of cunning ceremonies. It’s not explained why this thing is important, but we get a brief glimpse of its power with the death of Mrs. Joplin, who tries to retrieve it. He thought his plan would work when George brought him the artifact. The latter plans to use his talent to look into the mirror of Bone’s mirror. Fortunately, Lucy arrives just in time with a trio of ghosts and Bickerstaff’s former sidekick to save her friend. The Whispering Skull explains to Lucy that the Mirror of Bone is not a conduit to the Eternal, but a trap that holds souls. George destroys it and Mrs. Joplin died as a result of what she saw. It’s still important to note that the relationship between Penelope Fittes (Morven Christie), boss of the Fittes agency, and The Golden Blade is more complicated than it seems. An intrigue that could possibly be explored in the next episodes, like about Anthony Lockwood’s family secrets … Because he understands through the man’s statements that the death of his parents has a potential link with Penelope Fittes .

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Lockwood & Co: what’s behind Lockwood’s door?

Promising greater loyalty to his comrades, Anthony decides to open his secret door. But what do we see behind? If the Netflix series isn’t telling us, Books offer us some answers. In fact, in these, we learn that this room belongs to Lockwood’s brother. In the novels, Lockwood’s sister, Jessica, is 6 years older than him and dies when she is 15, following an encounter with a ghost while she is handling papers related to the research of Lockwood’s parents. Lockwood. Lockwood, too, loves ghosts. A death that Anthony feels responsible for, as he decides not to help her settle the affairs of their deceased loved ones. So why doesn’t he want to open that door? Definitely because this is the place where Jessica died, and therefore her brother’s spirit still resides there, as well as many things that can be dangerous. If Netflix decides to renew the show for a second season, it’s possible the series will reveal a new facet of Lockwood’s character, particularly his feelings of guilt over his sister’s death.

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What Ruby Stokes Wants For Lucy In Season 2 Of Lockwood & Co.

If season 2 of Lockwood & Co. is still unconfirmed by Netflix, Ruby Stokes is already thinking about her character’s development prospects. “In the books, what Lucy does is really exciting, but right now I want to see Lucy save the boys. I want to see her do more fights, start fights. I think she’s great and easily maneuverable, and this season he spent learning the rules of the agency.” he revealed to the RadioTimes site.

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