What does the Highlands Community Cultural Season have?

For all tastes, all audiences and throughout the territory: The cultural agenda of the Hautes Terres communautaire, act 2, promises to be “busy”, assured Didier Achalme, the comcom president during his official presentation. “This is one hell of a cultural program! It’s a big effort, it costs money but it energizes the territory, showing that we are not isolated from the rest of the world. We are in the culture,” he continued. And Éric Job, in charge of children, youth and cultural action, confirms that “this political will will offer a period of travel, as close as possible to the inhabitants, around two themes , travel and promotion of local heritage. “. The famous Cuban singer and cellist Ana Carla Maza will perform on April 28 in the church of Dienne. Photo: @24images

Two themes that are often shared and sometimes even combined, like this Friday, April 28 (8:30 pm) in Dienne, where the famous Cuban singer and cellist Ana Carla Maza, will offer a concert in the small church of Saint-Cirgues. Or these Wednesday, February 22 and March 1 (8:30 pm), two musical evenings at the house of the Prat-de-Bouc pass, with students and groups from the Hautes Terres music school and the Saint-Flour Conservatory, to warm body and mind after cross-country skiing or snowshoeing . Or so this Saturday, June 3 (8 pm) at the Murat cinema with The long walk of the elephants, comic-concert style, in favor of the protection of the elephant in Laos.

The heritage highlighted during the cultural period of the Saint-Flour community

The atmosphere will also have its place at the center of the cultural season with the company Zygomatic presenting Climax Saturday, April 8 (8:30 pm) at Massiac to (re)awaken our ecological consciousness. Dance and music “to learn and have a good time,” said Émilie Garriguet, cultural development officer for the Community of Communes of Hautes Terres.Dance and music to raise public awareness of the environment.

Three main events

These highlights will be “enriched by major events”, assured Eric Job, through, first of all, an artists’ residence on the theme of the volcanic mountain, “an identity marker of the Hautes Terres community”, which prevalent until 2024 in the three living areas of Cézallier, Murat and Massiac. “The objective is the appropriation of the territory of the inhabitants”, he explained, around the three artistic works in the form of visual projections that the artists will present following their long immersion in the territory.
Another large-scale event: The departmental youth book and illustration fair, if it takes place June 9 and 10 in Murat, will reject, for its 20th anniversary throughout the Hautes Terres sector, about 9 exhibitions and three guests of honor, Gilles Bachelet, Ronan Badel and Amandine Laprun, the first of which will start on February 21 at the Maison de la Faune in Murat. But there are also shows and readings aloud in municipalities, media libraries, early childhood relays or heritage sites.

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The largest museum can be visited from four towns in eastern Cantal with “Micro-folie”

A third event of magnitude, and not the least, of which the elected officials of the Highlands are less than proud: the Micro-Madness device. Launched in December, currently installed in the center of the Georges-Pompidou college in Murat, before turning to three other establishments (Massiac, Neussargues, Allanche), it now allows students and the general public from all over the territory , ” because we It wants to be itinerant”, specified Didier Achalme, to access some 3,000 digital works, from the main national museums. On the big screen, to discover the works of the three main collections, on a tablet to go more in detail or through a virtual reality headset to immerse yourself in places or events.

The other main events of Act 2

Four concerts in the Hibernarock festival program: Black Island and Walter Astral Friday, February 10 (8:30 pm) at the village hall of Sainte-Anastasiean intimate place par excellence and atypical to say listen and dance to the sound of oriental pop-rock music. A night full of groove with Da Break at Murat.

Saturday February 18 (8:30 pm) in the Halle de MuratDa Break and a DJ set by Smokey Joe & The kid, “a good soul funk set”, promises Vanessa Papaioannou, cultural development officer in the Hautes Terres community.
A completely different style, for a completely different audience, the very young, Wednesday March 1with a show of music, theater and poetry Café de fleur by the company Pause musicales: in the multipurpose room of Neussargues en Pinatelle (10 am) and in the annex room of the administrative center of Massiac (4 pm).A music, theater and poetry show for little ones.

Public “old age” also has its own programming with, Saturday March 18 (8:30 pm), in Neussargues en Pinatelle, the Mémoires sonores show presented by trumpeter and composer Timothée Quost, accompanied by students from the music school, as part of the Departmental Council’s Accords program. The opportunity for the artist to meet and be with the residents of Ehpad, around an intergenerational show.
The Highlands’ cultural season will close Sunday July 9 (7 pm) in Marcenatwith the Allegoria show as part of the “Head noises, music in Cézallier” festival for more than an hour of Greek music.
Not forgetting the bus show that the Hautes Terres community will organize again, this year, by setting up transport to attend a well-known show at the Comédie de Clermont-Ferrand. In the program, Wednesday, March 15 (8 pm) Hotel Bellevue of the dance company Arcosm. Departs from Allanche at 5 pm, from Neussargues en Pinatelle at 5.30 pm and from Massiac at 6 pm

For all information and reservations, call Or, just for the Micro-Folie and the Hibernarock concert in Sainte-Anastasie, on

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