“Woke is the name of a reactionary fantasy”: fortunately the Culture of France is there!

We say a lot of bad things about public service, but the truth is, fortunately the state radios are there to inform us. Without French Culture, you see, we would still believe that wokism exists. One would be tempted to think that promoting minorities at the expense of the majority who have done nothing to them is being aggressive. It seems, but very wrongly, that the invasion of the media sphere by angry activists, who forcefully silence any form of rational debate or opposition to destruction (sorry, deconstruction) is rampant. Not only would we be wrong, but we would be engaging in hate speech.

Fortunately for us, the most cultured radio station in France has decided to “debunk”, as they say, this reactionary myth. For this, it offers a platform to François Cusset, historian of ideas and professor of American civilization (two words that do not match) at the University of Nanterre. François Cusset, who has just published “The anger of liberation. Stand up for the youth of the world” in Gallimard, has a very clear opinion on the matter of Wokism, or what is called Islamo-leftism. He sees in this a form of hatred against all struggles for liberation, as a way of silencing the legitimate demands of minorities. To put it in his own words, “this is the mark of moral blackmail with political intent”. Can we go further? Of course! quote French culture : “Violence, intolerance, ‘cancel’, observes François Cusset, are expressed where the war is waged against minorities, where anti-white racism and feminist hysteria howl and where the actions of activists are mocked environmental.“. In other words: the oppression is definitely on the side of those who disagree with the “awakened” activists.

It is surprising that François Cusset does not say a word about the rewriting of history, about the systemic guilt of the West, about the hunt for straight white men over 50, about the banning of conferences, about funding to the public of highly oriented reports or exhibitions. He doesn’t seem to see that the dominant ideology, in the media, politics, national education, the world of association, the world of culture… is his. He still thinks of himself as a defender of minorities, without seeing that the left still holds, even if it is wrong about absolutely everything, a moral magisterium that paralyzes the classic right. It is also surprising that he sees in this struggle of minorities a new form of struggle against capitalism. Isn’t that a bit mixed up? Should Western identity be trampled every morning to end the excesses of the market economy?

If one tries to theorize what goes on in the minds of old school leftists, whether they are called François Cusset or Release (on the occasion of the release of “Vaincre ou Mourir”), we first see them lose their way. What is being done in the West (the boomerang return of the “French theory” exported to the United States in the 70s and 80s) has nothing to do with the old reading grids of historical Marxism. Historians of Libé who appeal to the “sense of history” or François Cusset who cling to the resistance to Capital are adrift, they are decades behind. They will be devoured by this monster they blindly support – because, yes, there is what Cusset calls, jokingly, a “awakened beast” : a protean monster, which unites everything and its opposite in a single cement: the hatred of what is sacred (that is to say what sacrifice is legitimate and profanity is prohibited). Hatred of religion, hatred of civilization, hatred of natural law, hatred of country, hatred of family, hatred of history, hatred of relatives, hatred of beauty, hatred of harmony: like many of the people who, over of the time, worked for the same boss, the goal of the awakened militants is not based on a counter-project but only on dividing the world.

To operate such an accusatory inversion, one needs in any case a certain aplomb. We at least salute France Culture … while waiting, we hope, for the happy privatization of this propaganda shop.

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